Welcome to The 336 Mod Shop:


At Indian Motorcycle Greensboro TRIAD and World Class Powersports High Point our service department continues to grow in new directions! One of those directions is BEYOND just service and repairs and into the world of modifications for your bike. Particularly in the direction of Performance & Style. As a result this side of the shop has a new Identity: The 3 3 6 Mod Shop.

What can the 3 3 6 Mod Shop offer you?

  • Did you know we are a Lloyd'z Garage remote custom tuning center? That means we work with the data from your Indian Motorcycle based along with the tuners at Lloyd’z to build a custom tune for your bike. We also have access to Lloyd’z line of performance Cams & breathers.
  • Did you know that we are a Sawicki Speed dealer and now carry their hand crafted performance exhaust systems? Gain power & drop weight in a bad ass looking package!
  • Did you know we are a Rinehart Racing dealer? Want a traditional looking exhaust system with a throaty rumble? This is a great option.
  • Prefer a Basani pipe? We’ve got you covered ! > Need cams or a Big Bore kit in your thunderstroke? We’ve got you covered.
  • Need cams for your liquid cooled Power Plus Engine. No problem!
  • Want a custom height handlebar? We can usually have them made and onsite in a couple weeks!
  • And as always we have access to the full line of Indian Motorcycle factory accessories such as PowerBand Audio systems, rear bag lights, Pathfinder LED headlights, Stage 1 Breathers, Stage 2 Cams, 116 Big Bore kits, Low Rise & Mid Rise Handlebars, etc, etc.


The 336 Mod Shop Magicians:

Monty: Mod Sensei  |  Kevin:  Bike Mod Wizard  |  Zach: Off Road Mod Wizard  |  Christina:  Bike Mod Director  |  Trish:  Off Road Mod Director  |  Essa:  Bike Mod Parts Guru  |  Willy:  Mod Secret Agent  |  Lonnie:  Mod Super Secret Agent  |  Heather:  Mod Receipt Tracker |  Bob: Pre-Mod Bike Sales Captain  |  Amanda: Pre-Mod Off Road Sales Genius


The 336 "Mod Squad" :

When your bike is modified at the 336 Mod Shop, you and your bike become part of the 336 Mod Squad.  Check out these cool additions to the 336 Mod Squad...